Mother May I, Joshilyn Jackson

Mother May I is one of those stories that draws you in and doesn’t let you put it down. Bree’s story draws you in because she does exactly as she’s told, which goes against the norms you usually see and read about. But things don’t always go according to plan, no matter how many contingencies we have in place.

Bree annoyed me at first, with her constant corrections of her son’s name, with her need for order, and things to go as she envisioned. But the more I spent time with her, the more I grew to like her. The story is more than just Bree’s attempt to get her son back. Especially when we came to the following quote: “… women, black women especially, often had to prove they hadn’t somehow caused the crime against them before anyone would help or even listen.” This is highly character-driven, but it makes the story arc that much more appealing. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.

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About the Book:
Revenge doesn’t wait for permission.

Growing up poor in rural Georgia, Bree Cabbat was warned that the world was a dark and scary place. Bree rejected that fearful outlook, and life has proved her right. Having married into a family with wealth, power, and connections, Bree now has all a woman could ever dream of.

Until the day she awakens and sees someone peering into her bedroom window—an old gray-haired woman dressed all in black who vanishes as quickly as she appears. It must be a play of the early morning light or the remnant of a waking dream, Bree tells herself, shaking off the bad feeling that overcomes her.

Later that day though, she spies the old woman again, in the parking lot of her daugh­ters’ private school . . . just minutes before Bree’s infant son, asleep in his car seat only a few feet away, vanishes. It happened so quickly—Bree looked away only for a second. There is a note left in his place, warning her that she is being is being watched; if she wants her baby back, she must not call the police or deviate in any way from the instructions that will follow.

The mysterious woman makes contact, and Bree learns she, too, is a mother. Why would another mother do this? What does she want? And why has she targeted Bree? Of course Bree will pay anything, do anything. It’s her child.

To get her baby back, Bree must complete one small—but critical—task. It seems harmless enough, but her action comes with a devastating price. 

Bree will do whatever it takes to protect her family—but what if the cost tears their world apart?


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