Chasing Storms, Kailee Reese Samuels

“You’re my anchor.”
“And you’re the storm I never saw coming.”

How exciting that we not only get to know Randy more but that we get to see a side of him we don’t usually see. Stormy is something else. I wasn’t sure if I liked her initially because it felt like she had too many alternative motives. I thought she was going to wreak havoc from the inside out. Well…

There is a plan. Trust in the plan, even if you don’t know every aspect. If you did, this journey wouldn’t be the wild ride it is. Things will fall into place as they’re meant, and know that things will turn explosive. Nicely done!

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Chasing Storms is available on Amazon for $2.99.

About the Book:
Things don’t always go accordingly to plan.
Sometimes they change in a blink, a breath, a heartbeat.

I was raised where men had a ring emblazoned on their back pocket, a hat on the dash, and a loaded gun rack. Every man I ever knew had a sharp knife in their jeans and rope in their truck just in case. And everyone knew everyone’s business cause that is what made us family.

I grew up where you didn’t wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day and to do so was almost as bad as killing someone. We went to church on Sundays, had picnics with our neighbors, and left the windows open at night. I left as a teenager determined to leave the middle of nowhere for the big city.

I’m all grown up now, and my little hometown ain’t ever felt a supercell storm like me.
I hustle with the best, lay it down, crack it open, and find the way in, but I’m not the one who is dangerous.

That’s them.
And I wasn’t expecting the offer they put before me.

I’m in real trouble.
And so is my heart.

I need shelter.
And it won’t be with him.
No matter what he says.


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