The Wrong Twin, Lorna Dounaeva

The Wrong Twin is told from Mel’s point of view. She’s running from a marriage she isn’t happy in, back to her home in the UK and her twin sister Abbie. Abbie has been acting off, and Mel can’t seem to figure out what is going on with her. As the story unfolds, Mel learns there have been so many changes happening while she’s been gone that she can barely keep up.

I’ve read all of Dounaeva’s books, and this one felt different from her other books. I didn’t really care for Mel. It was hard to deal with the fact that she was so incredibly clueless. I didn’t care for how she let Abbie control her, and the same goes for her ex, Peter. He keeps pushing this narrative that Mel is ill when there are absolutely no signs of it. It didn’t make sense and felt forced. Overall, this was a mixed bag for me, with some highs and lows. It definitely felt different from her other works. I encourage others to give it a read.

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The Wrong Twin is available on Amazon for 99 cents, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book:

When her marriage breaks down, Mel returns from Australia to the UK and moves into the family home with her twin, Abbie.

Mel just needs some space so she can recover from a painful separation and get ready to begin a new phase in her life. But something isn’t right… The twins have always been close, but Abbie seems like a different person. She used to be outgoing and gregarious, now she’s sullen and hostile.

Even worse, a sinister man Mel has never seen before is following her. She doesn’t know what he wants, but she’s pretty sure it’s nothing good.

And Mel is right to be worried. As she is inexorably pulled into a vortex of unimaginable terror, she discovers the horrifying truth about Abbie’s secret life… And the terrible price that has to be paid – by the wrong twin.


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