Charming and the Cherry Blossom, LJ Evans

What a delight to read a book where each chapter evokes such beauty in the world. Elle and Hudson have great insight at such a young age. The characters are fantastic—even Nox, who played his role well. Mina, however, was controlling and manipulating, even if it came under the guise of love and freedom. LJ has done her job in writing such a character that makes me cringe.

I’m generally not one for books that are reminiscent of fairy tales, but I am a huge fan of Evan’s work, so I knew there would be so much more reading Charming and the Cherry Blossom. This story weaves music, magic, and a touch of otherworldly to bring us a truly charming story from the start. Insightful and swoon-worthy, this book is truly a beautiful read.

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Charming and the Cherry Blossom is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book

Today was a fairy tale…
I inherited a fortune from a dad I never knew,
And a thoroughly charming guy asked me out.

Unfortunately, my fairy tale could disappear in ninety days…
Because there’s an impossible task to complete,
And a greedy cousin plotting against me.

Plus, I’m not your typical fairy tale princess.
I have a secret that might send my charming running,
And threatens my future if the press finds out.

If today was a fairy tale…
Why does my happily ever after look so far out of reach?

From award-winning author, LJ Evans, comes a contemporary romance filled with all the magic, hope, and love of a fairy tale plus the slow-burn, old-soul vibe her fans adore. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Today Was a Fairytale,” this small-town romance is pure escapism.

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