Blog Tour- The Block, Ben Oliver

The Block (The Loop Trilogy #2)
by by Ben Oliver

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Publishing Date: May 4, 2021
Publisher: Chicken House Books-Scholastic

About the Book

In the second book of The Loop trilogy, Luka is trapped in a fate worse than death. But now that he knows the truth about what him and his fellow inmates are being used for, it’s more important than ever that he not only escapes, but that he builds an army.

Luka in a prisoner once again. But this time it’s a fate worse than death. In the Block, he must toggle between enduring an Energy Harvest for twelve hours of the day and surviving complete immobilization. The only semblance of relief is the Sane Zone, created to keep prisoners from going completely mad. In this virtual reality, the prisoners live out their fantasies of life outside. But for Luka, it’s different.

Happy is determined to find out the location of his friends, who disappeared after the Battle of Midway Park. But can Luka battle the descent into madness long enought to stop Happy’s manipulation tactics and keep his friends’ location safe?

Another prison break is the only chance to protect the Missing. And as reality becomes increasingly scrambled on the outside, it’ll take an army to stop Galen from carrying out his plans.

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About the Author:

Ben Oliver began writing creatively at age seven, and was promptly placed into the lowest reading and writing group at school. Frustrated by his lack of immediate success, Ben chose to step-down from the world of writing.

Three years later, he came out of retirement to write a ‘What I Did During My Summer Holiday’ assignment, where he claimed he saved the world from the apocalypse. Encouraged by an enthusiastic teacher, Ben returned, triumphantly, to writing.

A mere twenty-two years later, and now a high school English teacher, Ben’s first novel, The Loop, is scheduled to be published in 2020.



My Thoughts

First, I want to give a huge thank you to TBR and Beyond Tours for including me in this blog tour. I was super excited for the opportunity to read book 2, as I could not get enough of The Loop. Now I have both copies in paperback thanks to the publisher, so I feel so incredibly thankful.

In the second book in the trilogy, The Block gives us Luka post escape from The Loop, in a place far worse, The Block. But, unfortunately, their uprising didn’t go as planned, and now he lives each day in torment, without hope. Living each day for the Safe Zone, he can only hope another prison break is in the works because he’s not sure how much longer he can go on living this way.

Here’s the thing, I jumped at the opportunity to take part in the blog tour for The Block because The Loop was absolutely incredible. Oliver took that momentum and ran with it, giving us a book that has non-stop action. Poor Luka, you want things to go right for him, but that isn’t the world that Happy has created. The thing that makes this dystopian world so scary is how realistic it is, how feasible the bleak future looks. Oliver drew on very real-world issues to give us this new, dystopian outlook. The Block is an addicting, super fun read from start to finish.

Favorite Quotes

Read an extract from The Block at Chicken House Books

Book Links:

Barnes and Noble
Book Depository

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