The Refuge, John A. Heldt

The Lanes have been running through time for a long time. Now In Hawaii in 1941, they know the horror that awaits them. They know Robert’s plans, and they know Bain is set to carry them out. Can they stop Bain from altering the trajectory of the second world war?

You know, I was reading other reviews before writing my own and came across one that mentioned perhaps the Lane’s should stop calling themselves the Lanes. While I disagree with that review, on the whole, I do wonder why the Lanes keep making the same mistakes that get them found as they hop throughout time.

But Heldt brought us to a period in time that I never get sick of reading about. I love that you can see the immense research he puts into his books as you’re reading. The characters are wonderfully 3-dimensional, and the storyline is addicting. I’m looking forward to book 5. Nicely done.

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The Refuge is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book

Months after stealing two time machines, the Lanes, a modern family of seven, make a stand against the unhinged software mogul who wants them back. They travel to 1941 Oahu to eliminate the billionaire’s mercenary, an assassin who has chased them through time.

While son Jordan, a former intelligence officer, stalks his unknowing foe in the streets of Honolulu, his parents, younger siblings, and pregnant wife settle in the village of Laie, where love, friendship, and opportunity await. All seek refuge from the perils of time travel.

Hit man Silas Bain has his own agenda. He hopes to alter the events of December 7, 1941, and indirectly save a brilliant German physicist, his employer’s grandfather, from certain death. He has prepared for every contingency, except the charms of a beautiful heiress.

Filled with romance, suspense, and intrigue, THE REFUGE takes readers on a thrilling and memorable ride through the colorful, magical, and dangerous world of pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaii.


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