Reclamation, S. Usher Evans

I normally don’t share my lower starred reviews. But I’ve shared this entire series as I read it, and because this is the last book in the series, I wanted to share the review. Please don’t let my disappointment with the book deter you if the series sounds like it’s up your ally.

I am having such a hard time reviewing Reclamation, and I’m not sure how to write out my thoughts. It has been one heck of a ride to get to the conclusion of this series, especially when you think about how it all started back in the Demon Springs series. A testament that I love Sush’s writing and her books and will read anything she publishes. So it is with a heavy heart I write this review because I had a lot of ups and downs with this book, but a lot more downs than ups. I want to keep this spoiler-free, but it will be hard to write a cohesive review that doesn’t spoil things.

First, Anya treats Diogo pretty awful. He’s been around a long time, and she treats him like an errand boy. Diogo has done so much for her, and he deserves better, especially when you look at his character throughout the story. His character isn’t even 3-dimensional anymore, he’s just a person who pops in to be yelled at by Anya to do some other errand for her, and he deserves better.

After spending books, swearing she’s friends with Anya, and atoning for being kind of rotten, Cam is back at it again. She refuses to look at anything outside of what she wants to believe. So, therefore, Anya is just the demon she always was and has proven nothing to Cam in 6 books. When will Anya ever do right in Cam’s eyes?

The ICDM? Both Jack and Cam are done with them, but not really, because Aunt Maria, who has left Cam to die yet again, needs the help. When will this sense of obligation end? Jack was absolutely done with them, books ago, but… they need help, so okay, all’s forgiven, we’re back! It feels like it was just easier to send them back to ICDM.

Last, back to Anya… Like she hasn’t spent this series learning that secrets are no good, and that it makes things incredibly worse, she’s back to keeping secrets. It’s just a really tiring concept for her character.

It’s like we spent 6 books to get here, and there’s little to no character growth. I feel like there was so much time spent on making the characters incredibly awful people, and then as we’re nearing the finish line, surprise, things are okay, don’t worry, they’re really good people after all. This was such a mentally draining book to get through because there was no one to cheer for outside of the few good Jack moments.

If you made it this far in the series, then you might very well love this one. But sadly, it wasn’t right for me. Without a doubt, I am still a fan of Sush’s, and I will continue to grab every book she releases because not every book is going to be the right fit for every reader.

Reclamation is available on Amazon for $3.99.

About the Book:

Anya’s worst fears have been realized. After making a potentially world-altering mistake, she struggles to clean up her mess—and doesn’t want to tell Jack, Cam, or Lotan. In the human world, the aftershocks of the new world order continue to rattle even the most hardened demon hunters. Old alliances are broken while new ones falter in new chaos—and Anya is the number one suspect. But Jack refuses to believe she’s become the monster they say she is and would move heaven and earth to prove it.

The final chapter in the Demon Spring / Demon Fall series will shock and surprise readers, keeping them on the edge of their seat until the very end.


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