Stop My Bleeding Heart, Victoria Anders

Jade is an orphan, living with a stepmother that doesn’t want her around. Well, until she’s kicked out on her 18th birthday. Happy Birthday, Jade, and by the way, your boyfriend wants to call it quits too. Poor Jade, she has been through so much in such a short time. Too much for such a young woman.

If it wasn’t for her aunt, I don’t know where Jade would be. Jade is in a fragile place, and she’s healing, and she has such a big heart, bleeding and all. The friendships she’s building are solid, especially the bond she is forming with Onyx. I laughed a lot at their interactions reading this. Stop My Bleeding Heart is an inclusive and fun read that’s sometimes swoony, allowing you to lose yourself to reading on these constant rainy days. Another fantastic read from author Anders.

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Stop My Bleeding Heart is available on Amazon for $2.99.

About the Book:

When I was five, my mother died.
When I was seventeen, my father was murdered.

I try to heal and count down the days to escape from my evil stepmother.
Little do I know, she’s also counting down.

On my eighteenth birthday, I find myself orphaned, homeless, and broken-hearted. The only place I can seek shelter is in a home with seven guys.

I’m living in an all new world, making new friends, and unraveling the mysteries of the boys surrounding me.

Can I unravel my own mystery and finally heal from my father’s death, perhaps with a prince charming to stop my bleeding heart?


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