Survive the Night, Riley Sager

Do you ever read a book that has you raging at the decisions the MC is making? How about when they repeat foolish mistakes throughout the entire book? In Survive the Night, Charlie is such a character. I rarely read a book in which one character was so repeatedly careless with their lives. Yet, she takes the cake in the ridiculous decisions awards.

Usually, I write in my reviews that you can still like a book even when you don’t like the characters. But the problem here is that there isn’t a redeemable or likable character in it. And when things finally pick up after the second half, it’s a bit nonsensical. “Oh, a cop is here to help, but nah, I’m good. Things are sunshine and sparkles.” Also, I got sick of hearing the phrase: movies in my mind. I guess I don’t see what others are seeing while reading this. *shrug* But, I’m giving this 3-stars because I made it to the end, flaws and all.

Survive the Night is available on Amazon for $14.99.

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About the Book:

Josh Baxter, the man behind the wheel, is a virtual stranger to Charlie. They met at the campus ride board, each looking to share the long drive home to Ohio. Both have good reasons for wanting to get away. For Charlie, it’s guilt and grief over the shocking murder of her best friend, who became the third victim of the man known as the Campus Killer. For Josh, it’s to help care for his sick father—or so he says.
The longer she sits in the passenger seat, the more Charlie notices there’s something suspicious about Josh, from the holes in his story about his father to how he doesn’t want her to see inside the trunk. As they travel an empty, twisty highway in the dead of night, an increasingly anxious Charlie begins to think she’s sharing a car with the Campus Killer. Is Josh truly dangerous? Or is Charlie’s jittery mistrust merely a figment of her movie-fueled imagination?
One thing is certain—Charlie has nowhere to run and no way to call for help. Trapped in a terrifying game of cat and mouse played out on pitch-black roads and in neon-lit parking lots, Charlie knows the only way to win is to survive the night.


One thought on “Survive the Night, Riley Sager

  1. I’ve seen so many people mad at the MC of this one! I think there’s acceptable and unacceptable categories of “suspension of disbelief” when reading, and an MC that makes too many dumb choices in a book like this is closer to the unacceptable category

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