Entry Wounds, Brandon McNulty

When the review request for this came across my inbox, not only did I readily agree because I’ve read McNulty before, but the concept is incredibly intriguing. A gun that you cannot let go of until you’ve used all of its bullets? What could go wrong with that?

Entry Wounds starts intense, and you’re thrown right into the action. I can’t imagine what I would do in Ken’s position. He has some tough choices ahead of him, especially after he’s experienced such loss and hardship in his life. If anything, that has made him a stronger person, if not a bit of a pushover at times. This is more than just a supernatural thriller. McNulty includes good commentary on the problems in the pharmaceutical industry and the problems we’re all experiencing with our medical care. Overall, this is an engaging, fast-paced read that hooks you from the start.

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Entry Wounds is available on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU. Also available in paperback on Bookshop.

About the Book:


Ken Fujima, a downtrodden substitute teacher from suburban Pennsylvania, is trying to rebuild his life when his home is broken into by a pair of West Coast assassins. As part of a revenge scheme, they attack his wheelchair-bound father, forcing Ken to intervene.

During the scuffle Ken picks up a mysterious revolver to defend himself. What he soon learns is that the revolver is a cursed yakuza weapon that will remain fused to his hand until he either dies or kills six other people.

Tormented by this gruesome ultimatum, Ken teams up with his estranged brother, a recovering heroin addict, in hopes of targeting drug dealers responsible for recent overdoses among his high school students.

As hours tick away and other murderous opportunities arise, Ken strives to remain moral, but the haunted revolver has other ideas—if he won’t decide who dies, the gun will.


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