The Bitter End, Lorna Dounaeva

It has been a long road to get to The Bitter End, but what a journey it’s been. There are a few tough characters in this book for me. The first is Isabel, who understandably worries for Deacon. But her worrying comes to the point of smothering. We also see that in her relationship with her daughter Lauren, the other tricky character for me. Because Isabel is trying so hard to be the perfect mother, to make up for Lauren getting kidnapped, she’s not doing a good job mothering. Lauren is an incredibly hateful child, who doesn’t talk like a 9-year-old, and is absolutely horrible to her mother. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to reach into the book and wash her mouth out, to parent her for the awful things she says. But Isabel is so distracted that she’s not really doing much parenting.

This family has been through so much. It’s hard to fathom the number of awful things that have happened to them, that keep happening. I would have liked to see some more resolution with this one concerning Rachel and her family. Still, overall, this is an enjoyable read and a very satisfying conclusion to this series.

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About the Book:

Some will live. Some will die. This is the bitter end.

In the final book in the McBride Vendetta Series, Isabel and her family face their tormentors in the ultimate battle for survival.
This disturbing crime novel is utterly gripping and impossible to put down. Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza, C.L Taylor and Shalini Boland.

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