The Angel’s Wrath, Julia DeBarrioz

I was waiting for my paperback copy to show up before sharing my review because Julia is one of my absolute favorites, and I wanted to show you how amazing this cover is. My pic does not do it justice. I’m also going to do this post similar to how I do blog tours because after playing around with the post a bit, it looks better that way.

About the Book

Bounty hunter Dakota del Toro’s connections with a long-dead vampire huntress seem circumstantial—but when Soledad Mondega’s legendary blade falls into her hands, it starts to feel like fate…

After the success of the Outliers’ Revolution, things are far from settled for Don Diego and the vampire coven of Santa Fe. Trouble lurks around every corner this holiday season: an impending duel with a deadly mercenary from Spain with whom Diego shares a violent past, and vampires from Washington D.C. who want control of the entire country. An outsider attacking citizens of The City Different threatens to break the truce with the Preternatural Control Team before it’s barely begun. An inhuman art thief is pinching important paintings, including a priceless Cézanne from Diego’s own wall. But worst of all in the new alcalde’s estimation, Dakota’s globe-trotting ex has returned from the jungles of Guatemala, and Diego knows Henrik Heyerdahl’s renewed interest in his consort is anything but platonic. The archeologist is hiding something, and it’s possible he has brought his own supernatural troubles back from the Mayan ruins of the Petén.

When Don Edgar makes an attempt on Dakota del Toro’s life, the bounty hunter shoots her way out, but finds herself suspended from PCT. The future of her career rests in her superior’s hands, and John Steele seems all too eager to extort her into signing up for Knighthood. Determined not to be a pawn in a Super Secret Monster Hunting Society’s game, Dakota digs in her heels, though new powers and the continuation of dreams that feel more and more like memories pull her toward something that feels alarmingly like destiny. Diego knows more than he will say, and Dakota recklessly gambles on the millennia-old demon Sri Devendra for answers. Whether he will help her, or he has his own agenda, is anyone’s guess…

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About the Author

Long ago, a fortune teller read Julia’s palm and told her, “You’d better write this all down.” Julia has been writing, writing, writing ever since. Somewhere along the line she earned a degree in fine art and traveled the world. Now she lives on a farm in Missouri with her darling husband, two criminal conures, one stubborn bulldog, one bad bunny, and possibly too many chickens.

But really, is there such a thing as too many chickens?

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My Thoughts

Julia, what are you doing to me? I want to be mad at you, but I can’t be mad because *waves hand wildly at things I can’t mention as they would spoil the book.”

Poor Dakota, sometimes she just can’t help landing herself in trouble, and sometimes she puts herself there willingly. It’s all very disconcerting, and I can’t say I agree with all of her choices. In fact, some have made me downright angry. I found her maddening sometimes. But I have faith in DeBarrioz, and I know that we, the reader, will be made whole through time and brilliant writing even if the direction is not the one we were expecting or even imagined.

I don’t know where we will go from here. The more Dakota learns about herself, the more I’m sure there is something sinister at play. I don’t trust her boss in the slightest. It would be easy for her to get up and walk away. But, while she’s good at it, maybe she should branch out, go solo. I also don’t trust Henrik and his cocky sureness. I’m not sure if he has a place in Dakota’s world anymore. I would love nothing more than for things to be absolutely perfect for her. But… then I wouldn’t have this incredible book series to hug close to my chest in kinship with such a strong heroine, stubborn tendencies and all. The Angel’s Wrath really puts you through the wringer, throwing you through every emotion imaginable. I am so glad to be a part of this series and cannot wait to see what’s next.

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