The Chapel St. Perilous, Michael Rands

After coming into a large sum of money, Marcel feels it has upset the balance in his world. In his quest to set the balance right, he runs into more peril. People in his life are in danger if he doesn’t make things right. But his quest takes him into some highly suspect territory. He partakes in things that seem bizarre to the outside observer. Enough so that the townsfolk are sure Satan is at work.

If there were any negatives with this book, it was that, at times, I wasn’t entirely sure who was talking, especially in the first few chapters. I think the occasional dialog tag or other references would clear that up immensely.

I confess this book did not take me where I thought it would. However, the suspense of not knowing who Maggie was or her pull on the townsfolk kept me reading. Even when I thought I knew what was going on, I didn’t really, and Rands has done a great job of keeping the reader interested in the supernatural forces at play. At times, I felt a touch intertwined with the ideals of Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy. Overall, this is an engaging story that takes unexpected turns, keeping the reader guessing. Nicely done.

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About the Book:

Believing the universe is sending him secret signs, Marcel Swart puts his meagre savings into a high-leverage investment. Overnight, Marcel becomes a millionaire, but these winnings come at a great cost—such as the demon that seems to be following him, leaving carnage in its wake.

In a quest to set himself right with the universe, Marcel travels cross-country, finding himself in a small town in Alabama, rife with political tension surrounding a mysterious cult and a sheriff’s election that may very well decide the fate of the country. Marcel struggles to uncover the secrets of the cult, the town, and the world itself—all while facing criminal charges for a murder he can’t remember committing.

Part Southern Gothic, part metaphysical noir, with a touch of magic realism and a dash of dark comedy, the Chapel St. Perilous dares the reader to take a chance with fate.


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