Sweet Paradise, Gene Desrochers

I read Dark Paradise a few years back and fell in love with the noir vibes and the very flawed Boise. So I bought this so I could immerse myself once again in a fantastic read. Boise gets himself into these messes, and just when it seems like all hope is lost, something good happens. Boise has gotten his life a little more together in Sweet Paradise. He has a place to stay, some friends of sorts, and even an office to practice out of. But, as is in Boise’s world, cases land on his doorstep without him needing to seek them out.

I liked this one a lot. The storyline was well-researched and gripping, and the characters are multi-dimensional. I like how Boise seems to fumble into his role and the background knowledge he brings to the table. In addition, the island is richly descriptive. While a book 2 in series, you don’t have to read book one, but I recommend it because Desrochers writes a fantastic story.

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About the Book:

Boise Montague is adjusting to his new life in The Caribbean. He has officially opened his private detective agency with only one thing missing: clients.

Armed with a new brightly colored office door and a desperate need to make his new career work, Boise jumps at the job when in wanders the grandson from a dysfunctional wealthy island family whose grandmother has gone missing.

Before Boise knows it, murder is once again on his doorstep. As Boise investigates, he uncovers surprising truths about a woman seeking redemption, a family on the brink, and why no matter how hard we try, the past can sometimes never be fixed. In the end, Boise must not only confront a killer, but the island’s dark history and his own inner demons.


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