Brillant White Peaks, Teng Rong

Brilliant White Peaks tells the story of a brother and sister wolf, their life from pups and older, and how they navigate the world around them after being separated from their parents. As they make their way West, they better their skills in hunting and tracking and meet a tribe along the way.

The prominent feature while reading is how much the wolves need to eat. It’s a daily struggle for them. Fun fact, many years ago, I had a wolf who had come out of the woods to die. Nursed to health, we had him for three years, and while he ate a lot, it was nothing compared to these wolves, who are constantly on the hunt for food.

Sometimes this story is richly brutal. The way of life for a wolf and his desire to survive, thrive, and take care of his family is strong. The author portrays the constant need to hunt, the brutality of sparring with foes, and the pain from lost battles well. Labeled YA, this book occasionally has some adult themes but will be enjoyable for adults and teens alike.

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About the Book:

A beautiful story of life, love, and loss in the animal kingdom.

Brilliant White Peaks follows a young wolf and his companions as they battle harsh weather conditions, scarcity of food, and other predators to survive in the wild.

Raised by a loving Ma and Pa, a wolf pup grows up with his shy sister White-Ears to be a ferocious hunter. However, while foraging for food in the winter, the family is attacked by a pack of hostile wolves, leading the young wolf and his sister astray from their parents.

Desperate to find his parents again, the young wolf slowly nurses White-Ears through her injuries and sets off for the ocean, where Ma and Pa promised they would be waiting.


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