Beneath Devil’s Bridge, Loreth Anne White

“When does a story begin? I know it doesn’t end.”

Last year I read In the Dark and loved it, so I want to work my way through White’s books when I have the time. Beneath Devil’s Bridge is a story that slowly reveals, is told in alternating viewpoints, and draws the reader in through careful storytelling. White has created a horrendous crime from the start and slowly unwinds time to piece together what has truly happened.

It’s hard for me to review thrillers because there are things I want to say that I cannot because it might spoil the book. But there are many people involved in this story, and it’s clear a lot of them are lying. But, have you ever worked on a group project before? Do you honestly think this many people could go 24 years keeping secrets without one of them spilling something? That was a bit farfetched to me.

Outside of that minor issue, Beneath Devils’ Bridge is engaging, and it keeps you turning pages. You need to know the truth of what happened to Leena, and you need people to come forward to give you some peace. Overall, another enjoyable read from White, and I can’t wait to check out more of her work.

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About the Book:

True crime podcaster Trinity Scott is chasing breakout success, and her brand-new serial may get her there. Her subject is Clayton Jay Pelley. More than two decades ago, the respected family man and guidance counselor confessed to the brutal murder of teenage student Leena Rai. But why he killed her has always been a mystery.

In a series of exclusive interviews from prison, Clayton discloses to Trinity the truth about what happened that night beneath Devil’s Bridge. It’s not what anyone in the Pacific Northwest town of Twin Falls expects. Clayton says he didn’t do it. Was he lying then? Or now?

As her listeners increase and ratings skyrocket, Trinity is missing a key player in the story: Rachel Walczak, the retired detective who exposed Pelley’s twisted urges and put him behind bars. She’s not interested in playing Clayton’s game—until Trinity digs deeper and the podcast’s reverb widens. Then Rachel begins to question everything she thinks she knows about the past.

With each of Clayton’s teasing reveals, one thing is clear: he’s not the only one in Twin Falls with a secret.


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