The Color of Us, Jessica Park

I’ve been sitting on this review because I’m unsure where to start. There is so much I want to say, but I cannot because it would be so easy to spoil things. So it’s going to be a jumbled mess probably, and I apologize in advance.

Fictional town in Vermont? Yes, please! Not that I wouldn’t have read this because it was a *new* Jessica Park book, but then she created a town in my beloved state, which makes it absolutely perfect.

I will fight Jessica’s fans for the right to call Danny my book boyfriend. Danny has been through something so awful, and he is such a beautiful person. I can concede that Callie is perfect for him. I love how open she is despite her traumas. She has self-doubts, but there are reasons for those. The minute I heard her cuss, I knew she was going to become my book bestie. Her bwankie comment? So me when I was younger. Seriously, she’s my spirit animal.

This book gives you all-the-feels. One minute, I’m furtively looking around, making sure no one is looking at my blush, and the next minute I’m crying. I had five crying sessions reading The Color of Us, and one of them almost broke me. Yet, this book has so much beauty, happiness, laughter, and healing. This is the absolute perfect read.

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About the Book:

Callie Evans isn’t exactly living her best life in Los Angeles. She dropped out of college, has been repeatedly fired, and is now literally watching paint dry at a hardware store for a living. This depressing existence isn’t what she had planned for her early twenties, but here she is.

Although she’s faced a shattering trauma, she’s learning that avoiding grief has owned her for far too long. A change of scenery might be what she needs to regroup and move forward.

Callie takes a few months away from her California chaos to handle renovations on her family’s old house in small-town Vermont. This temporary escape could be just the thing to ease the pain that crushed her past and continues to impact her present. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll get a chance to reconnect with a certain boy from her childhood, whom she’s now aching to see again.

When Callie rolls back into her hometown, she finds that her preteen crush, Danny, has turned into a wildly hot twenty-something. The things that haven’t changed are his humor and kindness. But Danny’s hidden demons might possibly be even more painful than her own.

As Callie spends the summer falling in love with cooking, home repairs, and hosting brunches for her quirky neighbors, she also fights falling in actual love with Danny. After all, she knows from experience that love is never guaranteed to last.

Only the summer will tell.


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