Blog Issues?

I’m a relatively private person, so I don’t talk a lot about myself on the blog. I’m also fairly sensitive, so it hits me hard when things feel out of place. This is supposed to be a happy time of year, so what could possibly be out of place? It’s the blog…

Over the last week, my blog numbers have drastically dropped. There aren’t as many people visiting, and there is less engagement with the posts. My ‘favorite reads’ posts are always the most visited posts, but this year, they’re not.

I don’t know what’s going on with my blog. I don’t know if it’s WordPress acting up or if the reader app is being wonky.

For a few weeks in the WordPress reader, blogger’s new posts haven’t been showing up in the feed. I have to go to their site. Maybe that’s what is happening here. Maybe people just aren’t into my blog all of a sudden, I don’t know. I feel invisible, like I’m posting into the void. This, of course, makes me feel bad because when things feel off, my PTSD automatically tells me it’s my fault things are off. Then my anxiety ruminates about it.

I’m not sure if anyone will see this post with how off things have been, but I need to ask… Is anyone else having WordPress issues, app reader issues, viewer issues? Or is it just me?


5 thoughts on “Blog Issues?

  1. I have a photography blog and have noticed the last few weeks my views have drastically dropped. I wouldn’t get to disheartened as there is always a reason. You are doing a great job

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  2. I don’t track the traffic on my blog, so I don’t know if it’s dropped off or not. But your blog is great! I’m sure it’s a holiday thing or something.

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