Crown City, John A. Heldt

In the last book of the Time Box series, the Lanes have landed in 1963. In sunny California, the Lanes could almost rest easy if they didn’t have a madman intent on taking them out. They’re worried Robert will send Silas after them yet again. They can’t rest until they take down Robert and Janus Enterprises once and for all.

This book felt different to me than the previous books. Ashley dominated many of the chapters, and, unfortunately, I didn’t much care for her teenage drama or her chapters. It made the book fluctuate towards YA, which put it at odds with itself. However, outside of Ashley’s chapters, I enjoyed the book and the resolution of the series immensely. This has been a long, tense, and enjoyable road with an author who does an impressive amount of research before putting pen to page. Nicely done.

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About the Book:
Two years after stealing portable time machines, the Lanes, a family from the present day, stop running and start living. They settle in the seaside town of Coronado, California, in 1963.

For Jordan, Laura, and Jeremy, the oldest children, the respite is a chance to nurture relationships, start families, and explore the country. It is an opportunity to put down roots.

For Ashley, the youngest, it is a chance to thrive. Now fourteen, she is ready to start high school, make friends, and make up for lost time. She finds popularity and more after a classmate nominates her for freshman homecoming princess.

Robert Devereaux could not care less. The deranged billionaire wants his time machines back and is willing to do anything to get them. He sends a hit man to the past, setting into motion a final confrontation between a hunter and his prey.

In CROWN CITY, the suspenseful finale of the Time Box saga, a defiant family finds romance, friendship, and danger as it navigates the final months of the Kennedy presidency.


One thought on “Crown City, John A. Heldt

  1. I love that it’s set in Coronado, CA, my brother used to live there and I have visited there often. Such a beautiful place, I agree that it would be a great place to settle down. Especially in 1963! I’m glad that you enjoyed at least part of the book!

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