Life Update

The last time I posted an update, I mentioned that I had a shoulder procedure that my body was rejecting, and I was pretty miserable. The procedure made things worse. After a very long day with appts and an MRI last week, we learned that I have at least 4 (or more) separate tears in my shoulder. There are some bone marrow issues and a few other things, but the short of it is I need surgery. We’ve found a surgeon, and I’m just waiting to hear the schedule of how things will happen, i.e., meeting the surgeon, scheduling the surgery, the presurgery covid test, etc. While the gears are slowly turning, my doc is keeping me heavily medicated to deal with how painful this is. Honestly, it’s all very exhausting. The surgeon is 40 minutes away, which is closer than my rheumatologist, which is a bonus, but is still a long drive as I have to depend on my s/o and daughter to drive me as I can’t use my right arm at all. I was able to get last week’s posts done with the help of my daughter, but college is reopening after their Christmas break, so posting is going to be sporadic for the time being.

I will keep people updated should things change. Thank you for sticking with me; I appreciate all of you!

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