She Who Destroys, Jennifer Soucy

She Who Destroys, book 2 of the series, brings us a year later in Cori’s life. Cori and her mother are living in hiding. So many things occurred in book 1, but they still aren’t safe. But when Cori’s past comes back to haunt her, she realizes they can never rest until they settle things with the cult once and for all.

This is a hard book for me to review because there are few characters to cheer for. For one, I feel like Cori has no character growth so far. She is so impulsive she causes more problems in an already tense situation. People have been telling her since book 1 to control her anger, to think things through, but Cori thinks she knows best. Even when she concedes they’re right, she still runs headfirst into danger because she doesn’t listen. She also feels that because Bronte is Hayden’s sister, she just has to put up with her. She states: “I had to accept that she was a package deal if I wanted Haden.” Uhm, no. How often has Bronte hurt you, held you against your will, and wanted to sacrifice you? No. Family does not mean you put up with absolutely abusive, illegal, and dangerous behavior that will kill you.

I also feel Hayden has anger issues because he’s always yelling at Cori. He’s willing to put Cori last because he puts his abusive sister first. Cori’s mother is controlling and absolutely toxic. Her daughter is 22 years old, and she’s telling her when to go to bed. She never misses an opportunity to put her daughter down. Even in the middle of battle, she takes a dig at her daughter. Finally, introducing Sam is a shining beacon in these characters. She’s such an interesting character that she could get her own series.

I’ve always said you don’t have to love a book’s characters to enjoy a book. This one is so character-driven the lines get crossed. However, I feel this is an enjoyable series. The storyline is unique, and there are a lot of elements you won’t find in other books. But the story isn’t finished, and I have faith that there will be character growth on everyone’s part in the next book.

She Who Destroys is available on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book:
Nearly a year after the night she fell for a monster’s son, Coralena is emerging from a profound depression. She and her mother have fled Greenwich, abandoning everything they cherished most—friends, family, and their beloved restaurant, Cornucopia. As their lives finally settle into a new normal, the man she left behind sends a disturbing message.

Hayden begs for Cori’s help, warning that Lupus Filios has a new High Priestess—his sister, Bronte—and they’re eager to resume their dark plans. He also claims Bronte’s grown as demented as their father, Alastor—a man who’d sold his soul in exchange for earthly power.

When the cult makes their move, Cori and her mama are forced to retaliate. Cori joins Hayden to battle their mutual enemies, but she must also guard her battered heart against his many charms or risk being broken again.

As another Halloween ritual approaches, can Cori and her allies finally defeat the twisted cult, or will they be strapped to the sacrificial altar once more? Only Hekate knows for sure…

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