Target the Girl, Dorian Box

I don’t know how I missed the release of a new book in The Emily Calby series, but I’m glad I saw this in KU. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so how perfect that I have this twisty thriller to binge on the long nights.

Now twenty, Emily is attending law school. She knows that the law works, so that’s where she wants to be. It will be hard being away from Lucas. But she’s worked hard to get here, and she knows she has his support.

Emily’s life is full of drama and danger. She’s impulsive, so she often jumps first and thinks later. As a result, she’s not really learning from some of her mistakes. Suffering from PTSD, she doesn’t tend to take care of herself as well as she should, a trait a lot of us with PTSD have. She’s survived some horrific things, and unfortunately, it’s going to catch up with her. But Lucas has always told her how strong she is, and she’s going to use that strength to get her through the rough road ahead.

Emily is such an assertive and strong character, and she won’t sit by when bad things are happening around her. She will go to any lengths to defend those she cares for. This makes for a very dramatic, dangerous, and twisty ride. My only sorrow is this feels like a finale, and I do not want to let Emily and Lucas go. Superb read!

Target the Girl is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book:
Emily Calby’s destiny as a justice seeker was cast at age twelve when two men invaded her rural Georgia home and murdered her family. The only survivor, she ran away and went missing. Ex-gang member Lucas Jackson took her in off the streets and became her family. He taught her a lot, including how to survive—and kill. Arrested for murder at sixteen, Emily discovered a different path to justice in a prison library. The Law. Yet the struggle within her to right wrongs by any means necessary continues.

Now she’s twenty and excited to start law school in sunny Florida. One problem. She’s being stalked. Or is she? Deeply traumatized by her past, she lives in a state of hypervigilance where the ordinary seems ominous. A moved houseplant. An anonymous welcome note. A broken starfish. They’re nothing … but still.

Determined to be the warrior and survivor Lucas taught her to be, she suffers in secret while struggling to navigate the rites and rigors of law school, where trouble follows her every move. From a budding romance that’s not what it seems to a legendary professor in need of help—and Justice.

Target: The Girl is book 3 in the Emily Calby Series, joining The Hiding Girl and The Girl in Cell 49B.

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2 thoughts on “Target the Girl, Dorian Box

  1. End-of-series books are sometimes so sad. it’s hard to let these characters go. But, you can always re-read the series. I hope your sleeping gets better soon.

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