The Raven Spell, Luanne G. Smith

A curio box, with rings, necklaces, and a locket that opens

Twins Edwina and Mary are unique. Together they run a found object shop. They have a gift for finding shining objects. But the girls are keeping a secret. One that has forced them to move many times over. So when they stumble across Ian, a man who’s recently lost his memories but is working a case to find a missing man, Edwina feels compelled to help. They’re tied together in ways the reader couldn’t imagine.

How utterly refreshing to read a fantasy/paranormal read that resolves a lot of things in the first book while still setting up the next book! This story takes a bit to get into, but once things pick up, the secrets that spill out are enjoyable and keep the reader engaged. Overall, this was a fun read, and I look forward to the next book.

The Raven Spell is available on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

About the Book:
In Victorian England a witch and a detective are on the hunt for a serial killer in an enthralling novel of magic and murder by the Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestselling author of The Vine Witch.

After a nearly fatal blow to the skull, traumatized private detective Ian Cameron is found dazed and confused on a muddy riverbank in Victorian London. Among his effects: a bloodstained business card bearing the name of a master wizard and a curious pocket watch that doesn’t seem to tell time. To retrieve his lost memories, Ian demands answers from Edwina and Mary Blackwood, sister witches with a murky past. But as their secret is slowly unveiled, a dangerous mystery emerges on the darkened streets of London.

To help piece together Ian’s lost time, he and Edwina embark on a journey that will take them from the river foreshore to an East End music hall, and on to a safe house for witches in need of sanctuary from angry mortals. The clues they find suggest a link between a series of gruesome murders, a missing person’s case, and a dreadful suspicion that threatens to tear apart the bonds of sisterhood. As the investigation deepens, could Ian and Edwina be the next to die?

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