The Oceanography of the Moon, Glendy Vanderah

The title is in white over a pink sky and blue waters. There is a shell constellation in the sky.

Riley is healing from a traumatizing past. She is used to living in her own private, often magical world. When Vaughn blows into town, she’s not sure what to think. But the more time they spend together, the more she’s drawn into him. He might not believe in their special brand of magic, but he will, soon enough.

This was a special read. I had just finished The Light Through the Leaves when I saw Vanderah had a new book coming out, so of course, I raced to snag it because I love her work. This one feels different from her previous work, and that’s okay. I love that Riley is healing, and I love her little family. They envelop Vaughn into their fold readily and seamlessly. What stopped me from 5-stars is that I didn’t adore the ending, though I cannot discuss it without spoiling anything. Overall, this is a touching read about healing, acceptance, family, and so much more. Thank you, Lake Union Publishing, for sending this along.

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The Oceanography of the Moon releases tomorrow, March 22nd, and is available for preorder on Amazon, Bookshop, and B&N.

About the Book:

After the untimely deaths of her aunt and mother, young Riley Mays moved from Chicago to her cousins’ Wisconsin farm. Here she found solace in caring for her extraordinary adoptive brother, exploring the surrounding wild nature, and gazing at the mystical moon—a private refuge in which she hides from her most painful memories. But ten years later, now twenty-one, Riley feels too confined by the protective walls she’s erected around herself. When a stranger enters her family’s remote world, Riley senses something he’s hiding, a desire to escape that she understands well.

Suffering from writer’s block, bestselling novelist Vaughn Orr has taken to the country roads when he happens upon the accommodating, if somewhat unusual, Mays family. He’s soon captivated by their eccentricities—and especially by Riley and her quiet tenacity. In her, he recognizes a shared need to keep heartbreaking secrets buried.

As the worst moments of their lives threaten to surface, Riley and Vaughn must find the courage to confront them if they’re to have any hope of a happy future. With the help of Riley’s supportive family, a dash of everyday magic, and the healing power of nature, can the pair let go of the troubled pasts they’ve clung to so tightly for so long?


3 thoughts on “The Oceanography of the Moon, Glendy Vanderah

    1. I’m sharing my review of The Light Through the Leaves next week, I loved it so much! I liked Where the Forest Meets the Stars, not as much as The Light, but still…I love her writing. I’m glad you like her too.


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