Impossible to Forget, Imogen Clark

4 feathers are stacked between the title. The entire cover is blue.

“You’re so busy looking forward to what is to come that you’re missing what you have in the here and now.”

This one came up as a recommendation in KU and is well-reviewed, and I’m not sure I can say much more about the book that you can’t read in any other positive reviews. While I feel all the characters are deep and multi-dimensional, Romany, who is the second center of the story after Angie, isn’t as much. But because of Angie, we have this fantastic cast of characters whose friendship spans decades, and she’s brought them together in such a beautiful way. So, except for Romany not quite fitting into the multi-dimensional role she should have had, I enjoyed this one. It was an easy, light, enjoyable read.

Impossible to Forget is available on Amazon, Bookshop, and B&N.

About the Book:

Just turned eighteen, Romany is on the cusp of taking her first steps into adulthood when tragedy strikes, and she finds herself suddenly alone without her mother, Angie, the only parent she has ever known. In her final letter, Angie has charged her four closest friends with guiding Romany through her last year of school—but is there an ulterior motive to her unusual dying wish?

Each of the four guardians possesses an outlook on life that Angie wants to give her daughter as a legacy. Three of them have known each other since university: the eternally nomadic and exotically named Tiger; the shy and practical Leon with his untapped musical genius; and Maggie, a brilliant lawyer who doesn’t know her own abilities. But the fourth guardian is a mystery to the others: they’ve never even heard of former model Hope before…

As the guardians reflect on their friendship with Angie, it becomes apparent that this unusual arrangement is as much about them as it is about Romany. Navigating their grief individually and as a group, what will all five of them learn about themselves, their pasts—and the woman who’s brought them all together?

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One thought on “Impossible to Forget, Imogen Clark

  1. I do love your quote at the top of the page. “You’re so busy looking forward to what is to come that you’re missing what you have in the here and now.” Sounds like a great book.

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