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Often, I wonder if I have more unreviewed books than other reviewers. With the situation with my shoulder, I can’t really do much other than read. In between ARCs, many of the books I read are classics, books sitting sadly on my TBR bookcase, or I reread favorites. At any rate, I’m back with another round of unreviewed books, so let’s get to it.

Klara and the Sun, Kazuo Ishiguro
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This is an absolutely beautiful and touching read. It’s a 5-star read.

About the Book

Here is the story of Klara, an Artificial Friend with outstanding observational qualities, who, from her place in the store, watches carefully the behavior of those who come in to browse, and of those who pass on the street outside. She remains hopeful that a customer will soon choose her. Klara and the Sun is a thrilling book that offers a look at our changing world through the eyes of an unforgettable narrator, and one that explores the fundamental question: what does it mean to love?

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, Michael Dorris
Literary/Native American
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This is a reread. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book since I first read it in college. This is a 5-star read.

About the Book

Michael Dorris has crafted a fierce saga of three generations of Native American women, beset by hardships and torn by angry secrets, yet inextricably joined by the bonds of kinship. Starting in the present day and moving backward, the novel is told in the voices of the three women: fifteen-year-old part-black Rayona; her Native American mother, Christine, consumed by tenderness and resentment toward those she loves; and the fierce and mysterious Ida, mother and grandmother whose haunting secrets, betrayals, and dreams echo through the years, braiding together the strands of the shared past.

A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One, Daniel Abraham, George R.R. Martin, Illustrated: Tommy Patterson
Graphic Novel/Fantasy

I mentioned in March this was on my TBR and I did finish it, but for me, it’s hard to review graphic novels. I gave this 4-stars.

About the Book

Winter is coming. Such is the stern motto of House Stark, the northernmost of the fiefdoms that owe allegiance to King Robert Baratheon in far-off King’s Landing. There Eddard Stark of Winterfell rules in Robert’s name. There his family dwells in peace and comfort: his proud wife, Catelyn; his sons Robb, Brandon, and Rickon; his daughters Sansa and Arya; and his bastard son, Jon Snow. Far to the north, behind the towering Wall, lie savage Wildings and worse—unnatural things relegated to myth during the centuries-long summer, but proving all too real and all too deadly in the turning of the season.

Yet a more immediate threat lurks to the south, where Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, has died under mysterious circumstances. Now Robert is riding north to Winterfell, bringing his queen, the lovely but cold Cersei, his son, the cruel, vainglorious Prince Joffrey, and the queen’s brothers Jaime and Tyrion of the powerful and wealthy House Lannister—the first a swordsman without equal, the second a dwarf whose stunted stature belies a brilliant mind. All are heading for Winterfell and a fateful encounter that will change the course of kingdoms.

Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, Prince Viserys, heir of the fallen House Targaryen, which once ruled all of Westeros, schemes to reclaim the throne with an army of barbarian Dothraki—whose loyalty he will purchase in the only coin left to him: his beautiful yet innocent sister, Daenerys.

Wonderland, Vol 1, Yugo Ishikawa
Graphic Novel, Horror/Sci-Fi
Goodreads, Amazon, Bookshop, B&N

I saw this online and then my daughter told me she had bought this in one of her mass bookstore purchases. This was okay, and I would give it 3.5 stars if half stars were a thing.

About the Book

Survival of the Tiniest

Teenage girl Yukko awakens to find that she has shrunken in size–but this is no rabbit hole or fairy tale–this is real life! In a desperate and bloody struggle to stay alive, while fleeing giant predators and other twisted dangers, Yukko learns that she is not the only person who has turned tiny. Can she survive long enough to learn the truth behind her curious transformation?

I have 2 DNF’s this time around.

The Light of the Fireflies, Paul Pen, Simon Bruni

This was a book I bought in 2020 which got lost in my TBR. The situation in the book was just too awful so I had to bail on it.

About the Book

For his whole life, the boy has lived underground, in a basement with his parents, grandmother, sister, and brother. Before he was born, his family was disfigured by a fire. His sister wears a white mask to cover her burns.

He spends his hours with his cactus, reading his book on insects, or touching the one ray of sunlight that filters in through a crack in the ceiling. Ever since his sister had a baby, everyone’s been acting very strangely. The boy begins to wonder why they never say who the father is, about what happened before his own birth, about why they’re shut away.

A few days ago, some fireflies arrived in the basement. His grandma said, There’s no creature more amazing than one that can make its own light. That light makes the boy want to escape, to know the outside world. Problem is, all the doors are locked. And he doesn’t know how to get out…

When the Stars Come Out, Scarlett St. Clair

This was another book I bought in 2020, It was deleted for a while off Amazon and is back with a new cover. I just couldn’t get into it.

About the Book

Anora Silby can see the dead and turn spirits into gold coins, two things she would prefer to keep secret as she tries to lead a normal life at her new school. After all, she didn’t change her identity for nothing.

As it turns out, hiding her weirdness is just one of many challenges. By the end of her first day, she’s claimed the soul of a dead girl on campus and lost the coin. Turns out, the coin gives others the ability to steal souls, and when a classmate ends up dead, there’s no mistaking the murder weapon.

Navigating the loss of her Poppa, her mother’s mistrust, and Roundtable, an anonymous student gossip app threatening to expose her, are hard enough. Now she must find the person who stole her coin before more lives are lost, but that means making herself a target for the Order, an organization that governs the dead on Earth — and they want Anora and her powers for themselves.

That’s what I have for today. Do you finish every book you read? Do you review every book you read? I at least try to give it a star rating on Goodreads so I have a secondary place to store my reviews. It’s been especially helpful with my shoulder issues as I normally log my reading in a handwritten journal.

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