Don’t Believe It, Charlie Donlea

Some brush waves in the wind under pink skies and the sun.

I’m working my way through Donlea’s back catalog, and this is my second to last book, and then I’m all caught up. I love his books and how they are told in varying pieces that come together to tell a story. This one had a lot of revelations. When I thought I had things figured out, I didn’t, and that’s what I love about his writing.

One part of this felt rushed to me, which I can’t discuss because I don’t want to spoil the book. Overall, this book is almost impossible to put down (and if it weren’t a paperback, I probably wouldn’t have put it down. But I have a junk shoulder right now, and it was protesting my holding a book, which puts a real damper on my quest to finish all of Donlea’s books. But I digress…)

I love how fleshed out the characters are, that some of them crop up in other books. I love the storyline, the varying timelines, and how when you think you’re over the hump of stress, he throws some more on the pile, which leaves you anxiously flipping pages. Overall, a super fun read.

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The Girl of Sugar Beach is the most watched documentary in television history—a riveting, true-life mystery that unfolds over twelve weeks and centers on a fascinating question: Did Grace Sebold murder her boyfriend, Julian, while on a Spring Break vacation, or is she a victim of circumstance and poor police work? Grace has spent the last ten years in a St. Lucian prison, and reaches out to filmmaker Sidney Ryan in a last, desperate attempt to prove her innocence. 

As Sidney begins researching, she uncovers startling evidence, additional suspects, and timeline issues that were all overlooked during the original investigation. Before the series even finishes filming, public outcry leads officials to reopen the case. But as the show surges towards its final episodes, Sidney receives a letter saying that she got it badly, terribly wrong. 

Sidney has just convinced the world that Grace is innocent. Now she wonders if she has helped to free a ruthless killer. Delving into Grace’s past, she peels away layer after layer of deception. But as Sidney edges closer to the real heart of the story, she must decide if finding the truth is worth risking her newfound fame, her career . . . even her life.

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