Privacy, Nina Sadowsky

A lit house at night sits behind a blue pool. The title is in white in the darkening blue sky, and it's fractured, which is weird to me. *shrug*

This is my second book by Sadowsky, and I confess this was a tough read for me. The book starts right in the thick of things, lending to what was promised as a thriller. However, this is a very slow crawl to get to an obvious finish line. I’m okay with knowing the grand reveal before it happens if the story can keep you engaged along the way. But that didn’t happen here. I wasn’t attached to the characters, and while that isn’t normally necessary to enjoy a book, combined with the slow pacing, it was hard to get to the finish.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a total hit for me, but I have read other reviews before writing my own, and some people really enjoy this one. Some reviewers have labeled this fast-paced, whereas I do not. So I think it’s just a matter of personal taste, and the reader shouldn’t let my lukewarm feeling sway them from giving the book a chance. Thank you, Random House/Ballantine, for sending this along.

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About the Book

Dr. Laina Landers is good at her job. She’s an accomplished therapist, dedicated and compassionate. When she is summoned by a panicked patient who is being held hostage by her husband, she intervenes and dissuades him. Laina becomes a media sensation. But as her star rises, a target is placed on her back. 

Not everyone is impressed by Laina’s achievements. Someone has it in for her and is targeting what matters to her most: her patients. One by one, Laina’s patients spiral after they receive unsettling gifts that mock their deepest fears and hidden traumas. Liana’s own home is targeted, in a mysterious break-in where nothing is taken, but left behind is the same message sent to her patients: Watching you

Enlisting Cal Murray, an ambitious and charismatic investigative journalist to whom she has an explosive attraction, Laina must examine her patients’ lives and her own to identify the culprit. All she knows for sure? It’s someone with access to her records. Someone who wants to destroy her stellar reputation, shatter her newfound success, and even, perhaps, end her life.


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