The Skeleton Key, Justine Manzano

The cover is dark, with what looks like a screw with a skeleton head on the tip, piercing through the middle. There is a smoky shield surrounding the screw and the title.

After buying this ebook, my paperwhite decided it didn’t want to open it. Thankfully, I realized the book would open in the Kindle app, and I got to reading. And wow…

Uhm, what am I supposed to do now? I don’t know how to review this without spoiling things, so I need to keep this review short and vague. The Skeleton Key is filled with non-stop action, secrets, and danger. The crew has gotten a bit larger, with more characters you get to know and love. As they quest to take down Lavinia, secrets and surprises spill forward.

I love the fantasy elements at play, and the edge-of-your-seat feeling you get as Manzano writes this into a thriller, with a touch of romance as well. Nearing bedtime, I was still furiously flipping pages, anxious for resolution, for things to go right for the crew. I highly recommend this twisty roller coaster of a ride.

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About the Book

Kyp Franklin can’t move on. One year after his mother officially declared war against him, Kyp is still struggling to find his feet as the Order of the Key’s new leader. He’s far too concerned about tracking her down before she causes even more damage than she already has. In fact, that’s all he’s been doing. Until one day, after a particularly reckless mission, he returns to find a surprising visitor on his doorstep…

Jacklyn Madison can’t move on. One year after she left the Order, she has a new team, and a new mission. She’s determined to close all the interdimensional rifts between our world and the Dusk, before more people die trying to stop the creatures that pass through them. But a vision she had while on the edge of death leads her to the one place she never intended to return …

Forced to work together, Jacklyn, Kyp, and their respective teams uncover Lavinia’s next plan: an alarming mix of magic and science the likes of which has never been seen before. Jacklyn and Kyp must learn to work together again and confront the demons of their past if they’re going to stop Lavinia and those assisting her before their larger plan is put into action–a plan that could bring the monsters of the Dusk to our world…forever.

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