Stealing Infinity, Alyson Noël

A sword with a blue hilt is entwined with golden gears and blue swirls (that might be wind or time, I'm not sure)

I’ve only recently started reading time travel books, and I confess, while it’s not my favorite trope, when it’s done and researched well, I find it incredibly exciting. So while Stealing Infinity took a bit to get into, it was most certainly exciting.

Though there were secrets that didn’t always make sense. Two days into the school, Natasha still didn’t know what was happening. I didn’t feel there was a need for such secrecy. She’s stuck there, so why not make the most of it and get started on what she can expect?

I read another review that wasn’t happy with the sweatshirt system, and I can see both sides. Being the only person without a blue sweatshirt definitely makes a person feel like an outcast. More so because Natasha is away from her mom, and she only knows two people, though only one of them superficially. She’s also feeling betrayed. So I can see how it would be both incredibly isolating yet encouraging for a person to strive to get to a better shirt color.

Shirt colors aside, once Natasha found her groove and calmed down a bit, I liked her. The more she learned of the school, the more she grew on you. She was taking all these classes, which were glossed over. It would have been nice to see her growth.

I like how art and its appreciation are deeply woven into the school. Noël has done a superb job with the characters, who are in-depth and sometimes sketchy, such as Elodie. The author wrote Elodie so well that I distrusted her from the start. I also appreciated the attempted drop of theoretical physics, though I don’t agree that duality of existence results in non-existence. But I don’t have to agree to enjoy the book.

It will be interesting to see where book two will lead. And I knew this was a book 1 going into it, but still… I don’t want to wait until next year for the next book. Thank you, Entangled Publishing, for sending this along!

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About the Book

My life goes completely sideways the moment I meet the mysterious Braxton. Sure, he’s ridiculously hot, but he’s also the reason I’ve been kicked out of school and recruited into Gray Wolf Academy—a remote island school completely off the grid. I never should have trusted a face so perfect.

But the reality of why Gray Wolf wanted me is what truly blows my mind. It’s a school for time travelers. Tripping, they call it. This place is filled with elaborate costumes and rare artifacts, where every move is strategic and the halls are filled with shadows and secrets.

Here, what you see isn’t always what it appears. Including Braxton. Because even though there’s an energy connecting us together, the more secrets he keeps from me, the more it feels like something is pulling us apart. Something that has to do with this place—and its darker purpose. It’s all part of a guarded, elaborate puzzle of history and time…and I might be one of the missing pieces.

Now I have all the time in the world. And yet I can’t shake the feeling that time is the one thing I’m about to run out of…fast.

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