Light-Years From Home, Michaelbrent Collings

4 kids are running away from the reader. They are on an alien planet, with buildings and a red sky in the background

“Expect the unexpected”- Michaelbrent Collings tagline, (probably, or at least it should be)

“The human body is kind of miraculous, if you think about it. Incredibly frail compared to so many other animals, but at the same time it can endure a lot, and get used to things you wouldn’t believe it could. Pain can become commonplace; the impossible can cease to matter.”

I’m always delighted when a review request comes through my inbox from Collings. I’m never entirely sure what I will get, and that is half the fun of reading his books. This is a YA, alien abduction thriller, with a bit of physics thrown in (my favorite) and some encouraging social commentary. While space isn’t usually my niche, I knew the writing would be excellent.

This is a fun read. I enjoyed the characters. Even Noah fits right into the friend group with his vocal personality. I like the way Leya relates to those around her. The things their alien friends did were bizarre, and they were supposed to be. It provided the comedic relief that Collings is known for. I laughed out loud quite a bit while reading this. So I will leave you with a final quote that encapsulates the book perfectly.

“Running and not looking back, because looking back is, statistically, the number one killer of kids my age in every movie where something goes wrong in the woods.”

Light-Years From Home releases June 30th. Follow Michaelbrent Collings on Twitter for release info and more.

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About the Book

International bestseller and multiple Dragon Award finalist Michaelbrent Collings invites you on a journey into the farthest reaches of space…because sometimes that’s where you find yourself at home.

It was supposed to be a walk in the park—literally. Just a quick trip into Muir Woods to grab a few samples for a science lab, then back home again (for better or worse). But life doesn’t always go as planned, and a three-hour hike in the woods turned into a three-hundred-light-year trip to another galaxy when Max, Noah, Leya, and Chloe get kidnapped by a trio of aliens surveying Earth.

Now, light years from home—from parents, from friends, from everything they know and love—four kids are about to find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic war of extermination. A war that, if lost, will mean not only the death of their new friends, but the end of humanity.

On the bright side, their lab project is going to blow the teacher’s mind. Assuming they can survive long enough to get home…and assuming there’s still a home to get back to.

Mixing the action and sci-fi adventure of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and Neil Shusterman’s Scythe with the suspense, thrills, and humor of Stranger Things and Goonies, Michaelbrent Collings’ Light Years From Home is an adventure like no other. Grab your copy and begin the adventure today!


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