The Dark Dawn, Jerry Knaak

An off-white cover with blood streaking down from the top

This series is truly one of my favorites. I was so very excited to see Knaak had published another book.

“There were things in this world beyond man’s ability to comprehend. Things that existed in dusty shadowy corners of myth and folklore.”

In The Dark Dawn, Knaak is taking us back to the beginning with Jonas Dietrich. Jonas is promoted to lead detective on a groundbreaking case. Someone is slaughtering women. What’s worse is that the bodies are completely drained of blood. Whenever Dietrich and his team make headway, there’s another setback, and they can’t keep up. This case just might destroy Dietrich’s new position as a detective.

Dietrich is making many mistakes in this one because he’s keeping information to himself. He’s a far cry from the Jonas we know and love in the previous books. But he’s still good at his job, even as a rookie detective. Gah, I’ve loved this series from book 1. This book has a different feel than the others, but as a prequel, it makes sense and works to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. This is an utterly satisfying read, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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About the Book

San Francisco 1943

After an injury saved him from the hell of World War II, Jonas Dietrich is on the verge of becoming the youngest detective in the history of the San Francisco Police Department. He is a husband and a father, who adores his family.

But there is more than fog on the wind in The City. An ancient evil has taken root. A violent predator the likes of which the residents, and police, of San Francisco have never seen embarks on a reign of terror that holds The City in a grip of deadly fear.

Our intrepid police sergeant and his compatriots band together to fight this dreadful new enemy, all the while forgetting to tend to the home fires.

The fourth installment in The Dark Passage Series will introduce you to evil and depravity like no other in this prequel to The Dark Truth.

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