If You Could See the Sun, Ann Liang

The cover looks like a water color painting, with a girl in the lower left looking down, amidst what looks like white, pink, and blue waves

Alice Sun is a bright, driven, caring, funny, but often clueless teenager who’s often really hard on herself. Oh yeah, and she can make herself disappear, literally. So when she learns her parents can no longer afford tuition at her elite school, she enlists the help of her mortal enemy, Henry Li, to capitalize on this newfound superpower. They’ve competed for the top spot in school for years. Henry is the only thing holding Alice back from being the top student in school. But he’s so smart and talented, she needs his help, and they will have to learn to work together to make this succeed.

Things will go awry when you have the power to go invisible, and you have teenagers paying for a “ghost” to help them out. Alice walks the line through morality in this tale that explores class differences. Henry seems like he would be the needle on the compass, which isn’t always the case. Though the story was a bit hard for me to get into, once it found its groove, it turned into a super cute, one-sided enemies to more story. I would have liked to see more behind this superpower and more from Henry and Chanel. We only touched the surface of Chanel, and I feel like there’s more in store for her. This could be the start of a series involving this trio. Thank you, Inkyard Press, for sending along a lovely hardcover of this book.

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About the Book

No secret is safe.

Alice Sun has always felt invisible at her elite Beijing international boarding school, where she’s the only scholarship student in a sea of über-wealthy classmates. But she has a plan: be top of the class, attend a prestigious university, secure a killer job, and finally lift her family out of poverty.

Then her parents drop a bomb—they can no longer afford her tuition, even with the scholarship. But that’s the least of Alice’s problems because she has started uncontrollably turning invisible. As in completely, physically invisible.  

Alice realizes there’s an upside to her strange new power—unparalleled access to the secrets of China’s most rich and influential teens. Soon, Alice has a new plan: offer her invisibility services to find out what her classmates want to know—for a price.

But between balancing schoolwork, a growing relationship with academic-rival-turned-business-partner Henry, and stealing secrets, things start to fall through the cracks. As the tasks escalate from petty scandals to actual crimes, Alice must decide if helping her family is worth losing her conscience—or even her life.

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