Little Eve, Catriona Ward

A distorted image of a castle in the evening. It is mirrored upside down and it looks like a painter ran a brush through it the castle and the title. It's eerie and it works.

Wow, okay. Okay! I’m writing a review… I’m doing it…

Seriously though? I don’t know how to review this because this is such a convoluted book. It’s got a small family cult, a snake, and a location that is perfectly isolated and eerie. Little Eve is an atmospheric novel where each step that Uncle makes is more twisted and harmful than the last.

I loved Eve and was constantly on the fence with Dinah. Poor Abel, my heart broke for his awful treatment. And even though they were all in a terrible situation, I enjoyed watching Eve bloom.

I think that’s about all I can say because otherwise, I would spoil the book. The slow unfolding, the meandering storytelling, and how your senses come to realize what is really happening is what I enjoyed the most. I figured out a few things ahead of time but kept on reading because Ward can tell a story, and this is a book you don’t want to put down. Thank you, Macmillan-Tor/Forge, for sending this along!

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About the Book

“A great day is upon us. He is coming. The world will be washed away.”

On the wind-battered isle of Altnaharra, off the wildest coast of Scotland, a clan prepares to bring about the end of the world and its imminent rebirth.

The Adder is coming and one of their number will inherit its powers. They all want the honor, but young Eve is willing to do anything for the distinction.

A reckoning beyond Eve’s imagination begins when Chief Inspector Black arrives to investigate a brutal murder and their sacred ceremony goes terribly wrong.

And soon all the secrets of Altnaharra will be uncovered.

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