The Arc, Ben Oliver

A half circled dome sits at the top of the cover. The title, which is lime green, spills down from the dome along with a shadowed body.

This is one of those books that is hard to review because there are things central to the storyline that are worth discussing, yet you can’t because it would spoil the book.

The ARC differs from the previous books in that we have a new character in Chilly, and a good portion of the chapters are told from his point of view. I didn’t 100% love him. He wasn’t as in-depth as the other characters considering we’re getting a good portion of the story from him.

While dystopian, what has always worked for these books is how utterly possible the situation could occur in the world. How easily we give away privacy, vote for people we don’t research, and let the system roll on over us without much fuss. People don’t have a say anymore and struggle to stay afloat. More and more, it feels hard to find empathy. It’s bleak because it’s reflective of the world.

When I finished book 2, I didn’t know how the trilogy could possibly be a trilogy when there seemed to be so much left to resolve. I wasn’t prepared for it to end, and I’m quite sad about it. This is an intensely imaginative world. It’s descriptive and very well thought out. I only wish there was more.

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About the Book

All hope has seemingly been executed.

Despite the fact that the truth of their oppressive leaders had been revealed to them, the crowd of Alts cheer as life drained from the boy.

But one Alt, Chester “Chilly” Beckett, did not celebrate; his eyes have been opened to the truth. The corpse is dragged away, but Chester remains determined to find out what is going on in the Laboratory on the 65th floor.

There, he’ll find three subjects tortured in an attempt to extract a regeneration formula… and one of the subjects is, impossibly, a face he never thought he’d seen again. A bold escape sets in motion a race against time as Happy’s plans to release planet-eating nano-bots into the world draw nearer. The Loop team must reassemble, survive Happy’s final attempts to rid the world of the rebels, and figure out how to halt the apocalypse before humanity is destroyed.

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