Killer Story, Matt Witten

A dark cover, the title is outlined in red. A microphone with hints of blood near the top is the 'O' in the title.

About the Book

How far will she go to catch the killer—and make her podcast a hit?

Talented and idealistic young reporter Petra Kovach is on the brink of being laid off from her third failing newspaper in a row. To save her job, she pitches the launch of a true crime podcast about a sensational, unsolved murder.

Years earlier, an alt-right YouTuber was killed in her Harvard dorm room, and the case went cold. Petra knew the victim—she was once her camp counselor and loved her like a little sister, despite their political differences.

Petra’s investigation gets off to a rocky start, as her promising leads quickly shrivel up. In her passionate quest for justice—and clicks—Petra burns sources and breaks laws, ultimately putting her own life on the line. Even as her star rises, she worries it could all come crashing down at any moment if her actions are exposed.

When her machinations start to backfire, there’s only one way to fix everything and solve the murder—even though it may cost her everything she loves.

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Publishing: January 17, 2023


My Thoughts

What happens when a reporter, who’s walking a fine line of losing her job, loses herself for a story? That’s what we explore in Killer Story with Petra Kovich. After losing four reporting jobs, she’s learned she’s about to lose her 5th. So when she pitches a podcast at the last minute to save her job and finally solve her friend’s murder, it seems perfect. But Petra might lose herself in the process.

This was a near-perfect, 5-star read for me. But those that know me, know I’m not a fan of using PTSD in a storyline when it’s thrown in for shock. Listen Petra, you don’t have PTSD from getting fired a lot. Those of us with PTSD are living with flashbacks, night terrors, hypervigilance, anxiety, and so much more. So it hurts when people use it as a buzzword, saying things like, “This is just my PTSD from getting fired.” No, no, it’s not. I get it, it sucks, but it’s not PTSD.

I read a few reviews before writing this, and I totally get people not liking Petra because she’s so desperate that she’s going to unimaginable lengths to get this story out there. She can’t handle getting fired again, so she wants this to be the best. Plus, she has to deal with her coworker Natalie, who’s shady and conniving. But people are getting burned in Petra’s wake. The dumpster fire she’s become is what keeps the reader engaged, flipping pages to get more of the drama. It’s so dramatic you can’t help but keep reading. You don’t have to love her to appreciate the dramatic storyline.

My dislike of misusing PTSD is minor in the grand scheme of the book and doesn’t deter my enjoyment of it overall. I absolutely loved this one. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put the book down. It was dramatic and intense and everything you want in a thriller.

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ARC via the author and Oceanview Publishing

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