22 of ’22: Top 22 Listened Songs While Reading in 2022

I listen to a ton of music while reading. Each year I listen to roughly 100,000 minutes on Spotify, with over 300 genres. Then I listen to tons of music on my iPod that I’ve bought through the years. I thought it would be fun to share 22 of the most played songs in ’22 to get me through my day while reading. They are utterly random, which suits my personality perfectly.

Secondhand High, Badluv
Still Breathing, Arizona Zervas
Valerie (cover), Rome Hero Foxes
So Good, Whethan & bülow
High Off You, Lil Noodle
Crazy On You, Heart
Sugar Magnolia, Grateful Dead
Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto
El Paso, Marty Robbins
Packed Powder, Blind Pilot
Shine On, Vinyl Theatre
Fix You (cover), Boyce Avenue
I’m Still Standing, Elton John
Never Ever, The Rubens
(I Don’t Know Why)But I Do, Clarence “Frogman” Henry
At Last, Etta James
You & Me, Flume Remix, Disclosure
Poison, 44Phantom
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, The Platters
Cardiac Arrest, Bad Suns
Habits (Stay High), Young Rising Suns
Alaska, Julie Cooper

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

I’m a visual learner, so I can’t read via audiobook. Also, I don’t “read” traditionally. When I look at words, they just make sense. So I can look at a group of words, and know them. (at least, when I’m not tired.) I can’t do that with audiobooks.

Do you listen to music while you read?
If you read via audiobooks, do you keep busy while you’re listening?


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