Blacktelligence Rules, Andrew Komarnyckyj

A black cover with a profile view of a head made from a crumbling, white brick wall

About the Book

When Adam Benedict, a 28-year-old researcher, comes across a startling discovery about race and intelligence, he sets in motion a deadly chain of events.

As he tries to get his results published, he finds his work is tampered with to make it appear riddled with errors. He is discredited and denounced as a fraud, a liar, and worse. He endures a storm of criticism in social media and is hounded by the press for spreading views that are deemed toxic.

It becomes clear there is a conspiracy against him, and the conspirators will use any means possible to silence him, up to and including murder.

As Benedict races against the clock to clear his name, he realises the truth is more likely to get him killed than set him free.

And he has to make a decision: is a truth that will change the way humanity views race worth laying his life on the line for?

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My Thoughts

Benedict wants to get his PhD and do it in a way that will enact meaningful change. But when the results come through from his study, something unexpected happens. He suspects that people are trying to bury his results. But how can he prove that when things are going from bad to worse and every step he takes is more dangerous than the last?

As a fan of Komarnyckyj, I knew I would enjoy this book despite my apprehension. I came into reading this with preconceived notions and should have known to expect the unexpected, as I have devoured all the author’s work. What he gave readers is a suspenseful thriller that will test the speed at which you read.

It would be interesting to see this study happen in real life. What would the results look like in the present and long term? What sort of change could be enacted? There’s a lot to think about with this while simultaneously giving the reader an intriguing and thrilling storyline.


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