June, Reimagined: Rebekah Crane

An illustrated cover with a girl wearing a red scarf, holding a yellow umbrella. There is a man on each side of her in the background.

About the Book

June Merriweather is on the run—from her own life. Her brother is dead, her parents are liars, and her college major is a joke. Apart from her best friend, Matt, June is desperate for reinvention. And a one-way ticket out of Cincinnati to the Scottish Highlands is a good place to start.

With a backpack, an urn, and a secret, June begins again. She snags a job at a café and finds lodging at a quaint inn with a quirky cast of housemates. The only problem: the inn’s infuriatingly perceptive (and sexy) owner, Lennox. He’s suspicious of June. After all, no one comes to Scotland in the winter unless they’re running from something. From rocky start to sizzling temptation, June’s new world is exhilarating…and one detour away from disaster.

With her past and her future both vying for attention, June can’t begin to picture where her reimagined life is headed next. And falling in love with the last person she expected is only the beginning.

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My Thoughts

Honestly, I was going to give this 3.5 stars and round up until I started reading other reviews. I wanted to see if other people disliked Matt as much as I did. I don’t understand June’s unhealthy attachment to him because he is so utterly controlling. He’s everything that is absolute ick in a character, and their friendship is unhealthy because of it.

But after reading other unfavorable reviews, I saw things about Angus that make sense. He is supposed to be fun-loving but sexually harasses every female in his wake. He has a huge crush on Amelia, so the incessant harassment is gross. And June?? She is a bit of a garbage person, not as bad as Matt, to be sure, but for once in her life, could she just listen? The non-stop bickering was too much. I understand Crane was going for enemies to lovers, but it was forced because June was mean for the sake of being mean.

But I’m giving this 3 stars for a reason. Because amongst the misogyny, the stubbornness, and the toxic relationships, there were some heartfelt moments and quotes that I enjoyed. I can enjoy a book without wholly loving the characters. And I do like Lennox and Hamish. The storyline has potential, and I loved the setting. So this book is a mixed bag. The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Crane was a 5-star read for me and a favorite of 2019, so take my thoughts on this one with a grain of salt because this book could be the right one for you.

A few quotes I enjoyed: “Was it possible to miss someone you’d just met?” Yes, yes, it is. It’s possible to miss a place you’ve never been to, so why not a newly met person?

“I’m sorry was never on time. It was always too late.” Don’t I know it. But the irony of June thinking this and not following through with it is something else.


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