January Quotables

January’s Favorite Book Quotes

I do a ton of highlighting when I’m reading ebooks. I also use a pencil when I’m reading physical books to mark up quotes and passages I like. (I even spot spelling mistakes 🤦‍♀️) I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my most favorite quotes from the books I read this month.

The Night Travelers by Armando Lucas Correa:
“When I waked, I cried to dream again.”
“But memories take up a lot of space, she used to say, and she wasn’t going to forget.”

American Gods by Neil Gaiman:
“Every hour wounds. The last one kills.”
“Even Nothing cannot last forever.”
“The bird threw back its head and crowed, and its cry was the thunder.”

June, Reimagined by Rebekah Crane
“Was it possible to miss someone you’d just met?”
“I’m sorry was never on time. It was always too late.”

The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry
“Things always did look different on the other side of a nightmare…”
“Pain was simply pain, and there was nothing to do about it except refuse to let it break you.”
“She’d been pretending her whole life, and now she wasn’t even sure who she was pretending to be.”

Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery
“Of all the sad words of tongue or pen The saddest are it might have been.” (Priscilla quoting John Greenleaf Whittier)
“And she was richer in those dreams than in realities; for things seen pass away, but the things that are unseen are eternal.”
“I like people to have a little nonsense about them”

Do you highlight text? How about writing in your books?

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