Where Darkness Blooms, Andrea Hannah

An illustrated cover with a girl enmeshed in sunflowers and vines.

About the Book

The town of Bishop is known for exactly two things: recurring windstorms and an endless field of sunflowers that stretches farther than the eye can see. And women—missing women. So when three more women disappear one stormy night, no one in Bishop is surprised. The case is closed and their daughters are left in their dusty shared house with the shattered pieces of their lives. Until the wind kicks up a terrible secret at their mothers’ much-delayed memorial.

With secrets come the lies each of the girls is forced to confront. After caring for the other girls, Delilah would like to move on with her boyfriend, Bennett, but she can’t bear his touch. Whitney has already lost both her mother and her girlfriend, Eleanor, and now her only solace is an old weathervane that seems to whisper to her. Jude, Whitney’s twin sister, would rather ignore it all, but the wind kicks up her secret too: the summer fling she had with Delilah’s boyfriend. And more than anything, Bo wants answers and she wants them now. Something happened to their mothers and the townsfolk know what it was. She’s sure of it.

Bishop has always been a strange town. But what the girls don’t know is that Bishop was founded on blood—and now it craves theirs.

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Releasing February 21st


My Thoughts

How was it possible that 4 teens were living alone, and where had their mothers disappeared to, two years ago? In the grand scheme of the book, that should have been the least of my worries. But, wow, talk about a story that draws you in from the very start. There is something incredibly creepy and bizarre happening, but you don’t know what. The story leisurely unfolds, and with each new piece of information, an eerie feeling creeps up your spine, and it settles there, blooming, much like the sunflowers in the novel.

I enjoyed the alternating perspectives with this one. I liked that I had no clue what was going on and that Hannah wasn’t going to give up the plot easily. This is an incredibly atmospheric novel that has you distrusting everyone. Things go spectacularly awry in a way that keeps you riveted to the book, willing you to keep reading long after bedtime. This was such a fun read. Thank you, St. Martin’s/Wednesday Books, for the ARC.

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