The Angel Maker, Alex North

A red cover with black dripping down from the top. There s a lit match in the center, the flame looks like angel wings

About the Book

Growing up in a beautiful house in the English countryside, Katie Shaw lived a charmed life. At the cusp of graduation, she had big dreams, a devoted boyfriend, and a little brother she protected fiercely. Until the day a violent stranger changed the fate of her family forever.

Years later, still unable to live down the guilt surrounding what happened to her brother, Chris, and now with a child of her own to protect, Katie struggles to separate the real threats from the imagined. Then she gets the phone call: Chris has gone missing and needs his big sister once more.

Meanwhile, Detective Laurence Page is facing a particularly gruesome crime. A distinguished professor of fate and free will has been brutally murdered just hours after firing his staff. All the leads point back to two old cases: the gruesome attack on teenager Christopher Shaw, and the despicable crimes of a notorious serial killer who, legend had it, could see the future.

Book Links
Releases February 28th


My Thoughts

Halfway through this book, I popped over to Goodreads after proclaiming loudly, do I smell a philosophy/theoretical physics crossover? Do I?! I ignored the looks from my family that said: “okay, she’s at it again,” and loaded the book page to see the genres people were labeling this, and not once did I read the words Sci-fi. You have let me down, GR!

So imagine how much I railed after flipping the last page of the book because I wasn’t prepared!

The Sci-fi element is light in the grand scheme of things, really, but it’s there, and it’s beautiful and is a rabbit hole of research 2 hours after bedtime. It is everything right with books with such material in a way that’s reachable to readers. It’s subtle, in the background, telling you to enjoy the mystery, but there’s still more yet to come.

I already loved North’s work before this, but this is something so special. What am I supposed to do with myself now? I sat here for 2 days after writing my initial thoughts, and I still don’t have the words to review this. And what can you really say that won’t spoil the book?

Told between Laurence and Katie, I loved the alternating perspectives. The plot is intricate, it unfolds a bit like a Koontz book, where you have person A for a bit, then person B, maybe C, and then we circle back around. It’s a unique storytelling style that might not be for everyone, but it’s brilliant in the way everything comes together. This is a super fun mystery, with so many enjoyable elements working in the background.

Thank you, Celadon Books, for sending over an ARC.


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