February Goodreads TBR Cleanup

I’m back with this month’s TBR cleanup. I’m looking at 10 books in my Goodreads TBR to see if I can weed any of them out, so let’s get to it!

The Girls with No Names, Serena Burdick
Historical Fiction

This is the oldest book on my TBR shelf, and it still sounds really good, however, it doesn’t have the most favorable reviews, so I’m deleting it for now.

Twenty, Debra Landwehr Engle

I like the premise of this, but I just don’t think I will get around to reading it, so I’m removing it.

Sick Kids in Love, Hannah Moskowitz

A lot of this author’s books look good, so I want to keep this on here in case I have a new to me author to binge.

The German House, Annette Hess
Historical Fiction

While I love WWII based historical fiction, I feel inundated by it. So I will remove this one.

Pretty Things, Janelle Brown

I actually have this in Hardcover on my shelf, so I will be keeping this one.

All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven

I watched the movie last month, and I really should have read the book first. Because I don’t want to go back and read it, I will be removing it.

The Paris Orphan, Natasha Lester
Historical Fiction

While I appreciate that there are alternating timelines, I just don’t think I will read this one.

No, We Can’t Be Friends, Sophie Ranald
Contemporary Romance

I don’t read much romance anymore unless it’s from an author I review for, so I’m going to remove this.

The Scent Keeper, Erica Bauermeister

I’m on the fence with this one, but it has some great reviews, so I will keep this for now.

More Than Words, Jill Santopolo

I don’t see myself reading this one, so I’m going to remove it.

Out of 10 books, I’m keeping 3 and removing 7. That feels really productive.

Have you read any of these? Should I keep any that I’m removing?


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