February Quotables

I’m back with some of my most favorite quotes from reading this month. I read so many good books, and there are a ton of quotes to share. Let’s get right into it!

Bruja Born, Zoraida Córdova
⦁ “I was the one who believed he’d return, because sometimes false hope is better than being completely hopeless. I believed in lots of things once.”

Wayward Witch, Zoraida Córdova
⦁ “Her fire inside can never be extinguished.”

Off the Map, Trish Doller
⦁ “My wildness subsided, and I wondered if the absence of chaos was the same thing as love.”
⦁ “… ugh… feelings are terrible, and no one should have them.”
⦁ “There’s only one day in your life when it will be too late for you to make a change.”

The Foxglove King, Hannah Whitten
⦁ “Idle hands turn to sin as naturally as flowers to the sun.”
⦁ “And you know me. Why is that, Lore? Why does it seem like I’ve always known you?”
“Lore, tell me I’m not alone here.”
“You aren’t.” It came out hoarse; she swallowed. “You aren’t alone, Bastian. I feel it too.” (I had so many feels here)
⦁ “Endings take time.- Kirythean proverb

Clytemnestra, Costanza Casati
⦁ “But vengeance works best when it’s aided by patience.”
⦁ “Sometimes it is better to bleed than to feel nothing at all.”
⦁ “Sometimes I fear I am becoming the person I am pretending to be.”
⦁ “How is someone not killed by such sorrow?” (This one gutted me)

The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway
⦁ “The mark of maturity isn’t perfection,” he intones, pitching his voice an octave deeper, “but rather, the ability to right your wrongs.”
⦁ “…grief isn’t a contest because there are no winners, so we might as well all help each other toward healing…”
⦁ “Thank you,” I say, remembering that I am a human with manners.”
⦁ “Sometimes making the world kinder looks a lot like silence and hard feelings, but it’s actually boundaries…”
⦁ “I really need to stop making it a habit to talk to people with the gift of inspirational speaking, because their ideas always seem so good until I execute them.”
⦁ “Sometimes there is nothing else to say but what has already been said.”

The Next New Syrian Girl, Ream Shukairy
⦁ “We are not our suffering. We are the strength that got us through it all.” (I firmly believe we find our strength through our trials)
We’re stuck in no man’s land, trying to be all parts of ourselves yet not allowed to be either or all at the same time.”

So many good quotes, right? I’m on a blog tour for The Next New Syrian Girl, and I cannot wait to share with you all the quotes from that one that I truly loved.

What quotes stuck out with you this month?


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