Into the Light, Mark Oshiro

An illustrated cover of a boys profile looking to the left. The profile is in turquoise with plants, and mushrooms growing from it. There is a shadowed boy looking to the right inside the head.

About the Book


It’s been one year since Manny was cast out of his family and driven into the wilderness of the American Southwest. Since then, Manny lives by self-taught rules that keep him moving—and keep him alive. Now, he’s taking a chance on a traveling situation with the Varela family, whose attractive but surly son, Carlos, seems to promise a new future.

Eli abides by the rules of his family, living in a secluded community that raised him to believe his obedience will be rewarded. But an unsettling question slowly eats away at Eli’s once unwavering faith in Reconciliation: Why can’t he remember his past?

But the reported discovery of an unidentified body in the hills of Idyllwild, California, will draw both of these young men into facing their biggest fears and confronting their own identity—and who they are allowed to be.

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Releasing March 28th


My Thoughts

In his short life, Manny has known little more than heartbreak. For years, he and his sister have gone from foster home to foster home. He’s been homeless for the last year, following a set of rules to keep himself safe.

But the Valeras feel different. For some reason, they want to help. But the rules are there for a reason.

Manny’s journey is so reflective of LGBTQ+ youth in America. It’s heartbreaking, an epidemic, and needs to be addressed.
What an absolutely gripping read. This story comes together in broken pieces through Manny slowly coming to terms with his past. This story will take you on a journey that will change you along the way. It’s a startling and stunning read.

Many thanks to Tor Teen for the advanced copy.


3 thoughts on “Into the Light, Mark Oshiro

  1. This does sound like a very moving book. And I will say this, the counseling/therapy professions have all been taking big steps to address the issues that I feel fairly certain are in this book (Based on the book description and your review). It just always feels like just a drop in the bucket. Excellent review!

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    1. We are making strides for sure, but indeed, it doesn’t feel like enough. It’s not as heavily focused on in this read, I feel to keep it lighter.


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