Green Jewel, L.J. Evans

About the Book

He did it. She’ll prove it.

A fiery rock star and a ruthless businessman battle to expose each other’s secrets.

The only family The Painted Daisies singer and harpist Fiadh Kane has left in this world is her band. When their leader―her best friend who stood by her through the worst―is killed, she’s determined to find who did it and make him pay.

Fiadh is convinced the band’s new label owner knows more about the murder than he’s shared. She plans to reveal Asher’s skeletons by any means possible, even if it means using the magnetic lure blooming between them in ways she never expected.

Asher Riggs is paying penance for the sins of his youth. Raising his daughter and securing his company’s future are his only priorities. He certainly won’t be giving in to the wild temptress of a musician who lights a fire in his blood that’s a convoluted mix of lust and fury.

When a freak snowstorm forces Asher to take the brazen rock star to his home, the ice outside can’t tame the heat that ignites…or the shadows that come lurking.

But if they can’t find a way to trust each other with their secrets and their hearts, they’ll only be left with misery when the blizzard passes.

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Releasing April 12th


My Thoughts

The second book in the Painted Daisies series follows Fiadh and Asher. They still haven’t caught Landry’s killer, so it’s still unsafe for the band. But they have a tour to run, so they need to get back into the swing of things, even if it means Fiadh needs to work with Asher, though everything in her doesn’t want to. She has tall, solid walls, and they’re there for a reason; it will be difficult to bring them down.

So I have a few unpopular opinions: These women have the worst security I’ve ever heard. If you can’t lock down a house, the whole team needs to be fired, for a second time. They are continually in harm’s way because the security is less than stellar. Rule of thumb, don’t travel somewhere if you aren’t confident all exits, including windows, can be covered. It got rather silly for me. Also, people who drink tea can be caffeine junkies. A lot of teas have more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Last, no one wants to make out with a sore throat. No one… I repeat, no one.

But I’m giving this four stars for a reason. Because all those things above are small in the grand scheme of a storyline, you can dislike certain aspects but still enjoy the story as a whole, and that’s the situation here. I like that there’s constantly something going on. There are moments of romance but then moments of suspense, and it’s a nice balance to make this an enjoyable read.


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