Blog Tour Review: Summer’s Runaway, Rebecca Marsh

Title: Summer’s Runaway
Author: Rebecca Marsh
Publishes: April 13, 2023

A young girl sits on the rocks that border the water. The clouds in the distance are starting to turn pink.

About the Book

Hallie ran away from home.

But what is she running from?

And, can she hide for the entire summer?

Three and a half years ago, Hallie had a happy home with a loving mother, a father she adored, and doting grandparents she loved to spend summers with. All of that changed when her father’s career in the Army took him to the Middle East where he was killed in action. Hallie never gave much thought to her mother’s angry insistence that her grandparents had pushed him into the Army. But his death caused that anger to seep into her heart. Nothing could convince her to forgive them or ever visit their island home again … or so she thought.

But when a threat arises at home that her mother refuses to believe is real, twelve-year-old Hallie finds herself running away from home to escape. She knows a safe place where she can hide, but she’ll have to go back to the island, regardless of her feelings.

Hallie doesn’t know how long she can stay hidden or if she will be forced to see her grandparents again, but it’s a risk she has to take. No matter what else happens, she will never forgive her grandparents for her father’s death and she can’t go home … not until the end of summer.

Summer’s Runaway is perfect for anyone who likes an emotional family drama that delves into, not just the lives of the characters, but also their hearts.

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About the Author

Rebecca L. Marsh is an award winning author of women’s fiction and a member of the Paulding County Writer’s Guild. She grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and now lives in Dallas, Georgia with her husband and daughter.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family (cats and dog included), watching movies, and reading a good book. Rebecca occasionally makes home-made candy and works on her scrapbooks (she is woefully behind).

She has published three novels to date: When the Storm Ends (winner of a Chill With A Book Premier Reader’s Award), The Rift Between Us, and Where Hope is Found.

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My Thoughts

In the second book of The Princess Island series, we focus on Maise, her mother, Marissa, and Hallie. Hallie used to spend her summers on the island with her grandparents, though she’s since cut them out of her life. So when she runs away to the island to stay in a childhood friend’s garage, she won’t talk about why she’s run away. She needs a safe haven for the summer with no questions asked. Living on a small island, these lives will intersect in unimaginable ways.

If there were any cons I had with the book, it was with a big event that involved Charlie. This was something he really wanted, and he was barely a part of it. He got a few lines after everyone else did when he should have been the most involved in that scene. It doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of the book; I just felt there should have been more.

So many lives swing from joyous to emotional. A lot is going on in this small town which is richly described, making you feel part of the community. It was nice revisiting some of the characters from the first book while meeting new characters as well. I don’t feel that you need to read book 1 for this to make sense, but it definitely heightens the reading experience. Overall, this is a lovely read.


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