Just a Regular Boy, Catherine Ryan Hyde

About the Book

Out there is chaos, the collapse of society, and so much to be afraid of. All that matters is freedom.

That’s what Remy Blake has been taught by his survivalist father. Raised off the grid in the middle of nowhere, his own survival skills not yet honed, Remy is days shy of his eighth birthday when his father unexpectedly dies. As seasons pass, supplies run out, and fending for himself grows more desperate, Remy sets out on foot, unprepared for the great unknown of civilization.

He is found—near feral, silent, and terrified—in the small rural town of Blaire. To Anne, a nurturing mother of two adopted teenagers who’s still dealing with her own childhood rejections, Remy is not a lost cause. Just a challenging one. As Remy cautiously adapts to his new foster home, his family wants nothing more than to reassure him that he can trust the world. But to do so, they must first reexamine how much they trust the world themselves, and how much they should. As Remy’s journey into the real world begins, figuring out how to navigate it becomes a path they will have to learn to walk together.

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Releases May 2nd


My Thoughts

I always enjoy books by this author, and this book is no exception. There are some differences in this book that set it apart from the others.

Remy is a special boy who is years beyond his age. He’s stuck in a dangerous, life-changing situation. Anne and her family could be just the thing to bring Remy back to life.

The characters are great, except for Anne’s husband, Chris. For the 2/3rds of the book, I couldn’t get a read on him. He’s cold and distant in his conversations, with Anne doing all the talking. He doesn’t want another foster child but will do things with Remy, even though he’s a fairly distant father who doesn’t really do anything with his other kids. I understand there are reasons why he’s being cold with Anne, but it doesn’t excuse his character not being fleshed out.

So if we remove Chris from the book, I would absolutely give this 5 stars. But he holds the book back from being what it could be. Aside from that, I found this to be a lovely read, with all the emotion you expect from reading Ryan Hyde’s books.

Thank you, Lake Union Publishing, for sending this along.


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