April Quotables

What quotes stuck with me while reading this month? Well, I read In the Lives of Puppets by T.J. Klune, and that book is going to take up a ton of space in today’s post because there was so much to love reading that. Let’s see what else stuck with me while reading.

A Crown of Ivy and Glass, Claire Legrand
⦁ “If father asks me to do it again, I will, of course. I’ll do it every time, no matter how horrible it makes me feel. I’ll die and live and die again at his command.”

⦁ “In his absence, the world felt cooler, lonelier.”

If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come, Jen St. Jude
⦁ “I was reminded that we had bodies. Bodies we’d often criticized, sized up, and hated. Bodies we’d hurt and loved with. Bodies that were resilient, fragile, soft, hard, warm, cold.”

⦁ “From the moment you asked me to be your girlfriend four and a half minutes ago, I knew someday I’d be asking you to be my wife.” (I laughed so hard at this.)

⦁ “… all I could do was stand there and cry, because everything was so beautiful and I didn’t know how to feel it.”

⦁ “… one version of my life was unlivable, but not every version will be, and I am allowed to go searching.”

⦁ “We were here for a time to dream. We still are.”

Just a Regular Boy, Catherine Ryan Hyde
⦁ “Still, he loved the way she talked to him. He loved that she talked to him. It was like birthday parties. It made him feel like he really, truly existed.”

In the Lives of Puppets, T.J. Klune
⦁ “Making something out of nothing so the spaces between us do not seem so far.”

⦁ “Gio says that self-worth isn’t measured by what others think, but what you think about yourself.”

⦁ “Five. Four. Three. I do not need to count down. I am just trying to make it more dramatic because I can.”


⦁ “Why? Vic asked.
You know why, Nurse Ratched said.
Because I’m yours, he said. Like you’re mine.
Rambo too.
Yes, she said. But that will be the only time I ever agree to such tripe. If you tell anyone else I said that, I will deny it and remove your intestines.”

⦁ “He understood in some vague way that the world outside of the forest was much larger than he knew. But it felt too big and he was too small.”

⦁ “Your brain is telling you that you can’t, but you don’t have to listen to it. Sometimes, it tells you white lies.” (Yes, yes! A thousand times, yes!)

⦁ “If you die during the night, your surviving family will not be able to bring a lawsuit against me.
He laughed wildly. You’re my surviving family.
Oh, well. Engaging Empathy Protocol. That was very nice of you to say. You are wonderful. Disengaging Empathy Protocol. Idiot. I am going to sleep now. Do not bother me unless you are on fire. Even then, I will do little to help you.”

You guys, I loved Nurse Ratched so much. She’s now one of my most fav fictional characters. You need to read this book. You can read my review here if you’d like.

I’m still in a reading funk, so I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do. But I feel like all the Klune quotes more than make up for it.

Have you come across something in reading this month that stuck with you long after you closed the book?


3 thoughts on “April Quotables

  1. There were a lot of great quotes for me in “Daisy Jones & The Six” but I really loved this one:

    “Passion is…it’s fire. And fire is great, man. But we’re made of water. Water is how we keep living. Water is what we need to survive.”

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