Fire with Fire, Candice Fox

A Ferris wheel in the bottom right corner, the cover looks like a white page above it, that is burning. The title is in red over the white.

About the Book

A pair of desperate parents. A man on the run. A rookie cop.
Four people with everything on the line.
What will be left in the ashes of the next 24 hours?

Following their daughter’s mysterious disappearance, Ryan and Elsie Delaney have taken the LAPD forensic lab hostage, and have given law enforcement an ultimatum: Find their daughter, Tilly, or they will destroy all the evidence they can find to other cold cases.

Detective Charlie Hoskins has been undercover in a deadly motorcycle gang for five years. With his cover blown, he has no choice but to find Tilly himself, or lose everything he’s worked for as the lab burns.

Lynette Lamb was a police officer — until yesterday, when she was fired before her first beat. Figuring out what happened to Tilly is her one and only chance at rejoining the career she’s prepared her whole life for.

Hoskins and Lamb will have to team up to solve this cold case, and will have to move fast — before the situation explodes.

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Releases May 9th


My Thoughts

This is a fun read following alternating perspectives and locations based on a tense hostage situation that can ruin many cases for the LAPD. It’s a smart crime, one that can get people moving. Because it can feel hopeless pleading for law enforcement to do their jobs when you just want answers, and they’ve declared you got answers, and it’s not their fault you don’t like them. But you just know there’s more. It almost makes you sympathetic to Ryan and Elsie.

This one was tense. I liked that you got comfortable reading at the lab, then Fox threw you in the car with Lamb and Hoskins. And when you were so deep in with what they were doing, Fox tossed you back to the lab. It’s smart storytelling that keeps it fast-paced and on the edge of your seat.

I was hoping for an update at the end with Janie and her boyfriend. It would have been nice to know if she did what we all hoped she did. I also would have liked an update regarding the SWAT team.

Fire with Fire is another super fun read from one of my favorite authors. It’s a tense unfolding mystery that keeps the reader hooked. I would love to see this turn into a series like the Crimson Lake series (cough, which we still need more of.) Thank you, Tor/Forge, for sending along an ARC.


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